Clients who worked hard and got amazing results.

Julie was a regular in my group fitness class at the gym, Turbo Kick. I moved from NY to TX and she reached out to me to join one of my 5 day Free Clean Eating Challenge Groups. After that week, she re-enrolled in the next one, but secretly bought Turbo Fire and Shakeology without telling me! She made these changes using those programs and my challenge group trainings in just about 3 months! She also won $500 for submitting her results to Beachbody!
Stephanie is an old high school friend! We reconnected on social media after 20 years and she wanted to change her life. She was tired of working in a restaurant, having low energy, low initiative, and out of shape. She used Shakeology and Turbo Fire/ 21 Day Fix to start making the changes shown here. She later decided to become a Coach and help others make the same changes.
Connie is a mom of 5 boys! She was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease, Drank Coffee ALL Day, and didn't eat throughout the day. She used The Ultimate Reset to help her "reset" her body to start functioning on it's own without medication and help her understand healthy eating!
ME! I had my 2nd child via 2nd C-section when I was 36. I used ChaLEAN Extreme & Turbo Fire (Shakeology wasn't created yet in 2008) My final picture was taken 1 year later. I nursed my daughter for 1 year and didn't diet hard to lose the weight.
Krista - after 2 rounds of my 21 Day Fitness Training Challenge Group
My Husband John! He let himself get careless with his eating and didn't workout as hard anymore. He tried those "weight loss" companies food system, and lost about 20lbs, but then quickly regained it back. When his 2nd child was about to turn 1 years old, he decided to use the home workout INSANITY. In only after 1 month of this program, he lost 25lbs just in time for his daughter's 1st birthday! His weight loss slowed down in the second month, so he finally added drinking Shakeology into his program. He then finished the 60 day program, drinking Shakeology and doing INSANITY with a 50 lbs weightloss!
After 5 days of doing my 5 Day Free Clean Eating Fitness Training Challenge Group!