Photoshopped Pictures! Don’t believe everything you see on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and more! Experts at Photoshop are able to manipulate images in whatever way they want!

You can create perfectly smooth skin. Whiter teeth. A smaller waist. A bigger butt. Bigger boobs. The possibilities are endless.

Check out my before and after images so you can see how easy it is to photoshop pictures with an app.

SECRETS OF ONLINE FITNESS IMAGES REVEALED! Look how EASY it is to FOOL people with FAKE ALTERED, ENHANCED, PHOTOSHOPPED Pictures! BOOTY’s & TINY WAISTS ARE IN! I’ll show you my edited “OVER ENHANCED” fitness pics & then show you the REAL Picture! There’s an APP for everything! PLEASE educate your children. Build their self confidence, worth, respect, and love EARLY! Things aren’t always what they appear…. and in marketing….that’s pretty much a given! Don’t idolize ANYONE online. You have no idea the facade they are putting on, covering up, or plain ol pulling one over on ya for their financial gain. Share if you feel this is important or valuable. ✨🙏🏼✨

A video posted by C͎H͎R͎I͎S͎T͎I͎N͎E͎ D͎W͎Y͎E͎R͎ (@christinedwyer) on

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