Should you use your personal Facebook page or your Facebook Like Page? Or Both?

If you are trying to build a business online and you want to use Facebook as a way for people to get to know you and attract business, you NEED to watch this!!


The biggest thing to understand when you are starting your business or trying to grow your business and trying to get yourself out there as someone who you want people to pay attention to, you should FIRST start where you are (otherwise it can be counterproductive and overwhelming!)


In a recent Facebook live video I did, I chatted about some MAJOR things needed to build your business using Facebook.


In the video I shared:

  • Ways to start growing your following on Facebook and talked about the pros and cons of using your personal Facebook page versus a Facebook Like page
  • What do you do when you try to develop your business when you don’t have a huge following
  • How often you should be posting
  • AND, some Mark Zuckerberg insider tips to help you develop more traction in your Facebook feed!
You definitely want to watch this if you are using Facebook or are considering using Facebook to grow your business!


Need a little more guidance? Want to get your home business rolling? Do you like to mentor and help develop other people? If you’re that person, comment below!

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