It’s a Forever Transaction. 


Here are the skills and habits that need to be learned and developed for a network marketing business:





Here are the Cliff Notes just for you!:

Move from being a customer to being a member.

Much easier to keep someone an extra month than to bring in new people.

Heirchary of Needs are met

-People want to feel like they belong

-People want to be admired for their contribution or achievements

-Want to feel their best selves

-People like familiarity and bouncing into people they know.

People are looking for ways to connect and belong.

You can be that person that facilitates that.

How to make it feel like a Club

  • See them not as a problem to fix, but as someone who wants optimal health
  • Drop it Anytime.
  • Fixed Price/ Point of Entry
  • Focus on the mission of the customer and not on the products you sell or that they’re using.

Special Events

  • Once a month event
  • Workout in pajamas photo of the day
  • Livestreams
  • Prizes
  • Guest Speakers
  • Recipe Swaps
  • Tips of the day by members

Freemium – what is available for free

Freebies – recognizing what the members value


Members –

Act as Advocates

Help onboard new members

Gives feedback to the leader

Recognize them

Replicate them- find other people & encourage them to move into those roles.

How do you strengthen your existing connection?

provide community, be human, tools, humility, interaction, Not all Business

Content – Fresh- Participatory, involved, Host Social Events

Psychology of Community

4 factors – sense of community

“Sense of community is a feeling that members have of belonging. A feeling that members matter to one another & to the group & shared faith that members needs will be met by their commitment together”

1 Membership

  • Boundaries – how to become a member
  • Emotional Safety – Build boundaries (how people should act) Invite the right people you can trust and feel safe.
  • Sense of Belonging & Identification
  • Personal Investment – members contribute or sacrifice enhances their sense of community
  • Common Symbolism, Logo, Name..”Jersey Feel”

2 Influence

Sense of mattering acknowledging their needs, Values opinions

3 Integration/Fulfillment needs

-They get what they were promised

4 Shared Emotional Connection – Share stories

Why might they fail?

-You’re not accessible

You don’t actually read or interact with comments

Regurgitated information and content

Speak from authority- too perfect

Not staying connected to what they want

Communicating 1 way – vary it

Not setting milestones for members

-rewards, goals, group effort, group challenge.







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