This journey has brought absolutely amazing people into my life, first and foremost, YOU. Thank you for believing in me, for believing I could do more, for challenging me to do more, for investing your time and energy in me, and for expanding my vision. You are one of my dearest friends and you have changed my life.

Julie V.

I attended your Turbo Kick training yesterday in Rochester – had a great time and certainly learned a lot. I have taken quite a few. I really appreciated your professional, informative and very “real” style. Thanks agin for an inspirational and really fun day (even for a 58 year old) – I would highly recommend your trainings.

Mark N.

I attended your seminar at Summit and I took so much away from that! I don’t have a very active up line, so I have had to really learn the ins and outs on my own and by following other coaches. I attended with my success partner who was a graduate from your boot camp and we talk almost daily about the tips you shared and what she learned from you first hand. I learned more in that hour than I have from any other webinar, phone call, training I have done so far.

Theresa M.

I’ve improved my social media skills and my personal interaction skills. I’ve been talking with people more and have been a better listener as well. Being forced out of my comfort zone has forced me to do daily activities that will help grow my biz.

Kristen L.

“Seeing” is a key word for me. I see myself differently as a leader. I never saw myself as a leader on stage at summit before these last couple weeks. I always wanted it, but NOW I am seeing it. The momentum I have been building and the growth of my list is huge! The habit of daily activity has kept me focused on days that were filled with things I could have used as excuses.

Liz T.

Confidence…I feel much more confident, but by far the best thing is that I no longer sit and look at the phone trying to get up enough nerve to pick it up and call people. Now I just pick it up and get stuck in. Thank you so much, Christine Dwyer. You have no idea what a big deal this is for me.

Sacha W.

Taking ownership, being more direct, being more productive with daily tasks, contacting/sharing EVERY DAY. Basically…being persistent and consistent with all my efforts and moving forward with confidence, strength and conviction! I KNOW I never would have done that without the confidence that Christine has given me!

Candice W.

My biggest takeaway is my confidence level. I feel more solid in my approach of running my business and believing what I (we) do is important.

Karen W.

I swear I’ve had more “a-HA!” moments in the past two weeks than ever. Christine Dwyer you know what you’re doing (but you already knew that). Thank you!

Michelle P.