Is Coaching for you? Do you have to be a Fitness Professional? How would you know what to do?

All these questions and more….read on!

Super excited to share with you what coaching is all about and answer many of the questions that you may have!
I HAVE A PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP that shares with you everything you need to know about Coaching INCLUDING training BEFORE you even decide to join as a Coach!

Isn’t it intriguing to see the positivity, the daily workout motivation, recipes, the tips and even the possibility of being able to have the freedom to travel, to spend time however you would like and with whomever you would like?

Or maybe you currently are looking for a second job to make ends meet. Or you might need to make a change from the current job you have and want something that brings you purpose and in making a difference.

JOIN THE FACEBOOK GROUP & You’ll have a PASS for 7 DAYS! All-Access!
Follow the guided tour of information, post questions on the wall, and chit chat back and forth with other coaches and guests!

We want to provide you with all the information you need to make a decision.
After 7 Days, we’ll discuss and decide what your next step might beĀ – whether it is becoming a Coach or just staying in touch with you as you take a different path on your journey.
On THURSDAYS we will have a LIVE Video Call! This is our opportunity to formally share with you a systematic approach to the in’s and out’s of coaching.


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