Why you Need to Exercise, Even if you Do Manual Labor.

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If you count your job as daily exercise, there is no plan, no progression, no goal, structure or balance.

Breaking a sweat while cleaning won’t help you slim down, according to research from the University of Ulster in Ireland.

They found that those who included housework as part of their routine were actually heavier, on average, than those who opted for more traditional forms of exercise.

So, why the clean-not-lean connection? Experts have several theories. It could be because people simply overestimate the amount of calories they burn doing chores. Many women think that doing housework means they don’t need to do additional exercise. They’ll think, ‘Oh, I was already active today,’ but chances are, that’s not enough.

The more surprising theory, though, has to do with food. “When you’re doing housework, you often end up snacking more, since you’re home and the fridge is right there,” This also includes on the job snacking.


Regular, planned exercise helps your manual labor by:
  • Balancing out your muscles, so some aren’t over developed at the expense of others.
  • Maintaining a level of fitness to prevent injuries during sporadic labor.
  • Teaching you proper movement patterns, to prevent injuries.
  • Progressing your strength, making your daily chores easier.

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